5.15: Engagement Pictures

This Sunday, October 18th, Chad and I are heading down to one of our favorite parks in the area to get our engagement pictures taken! We will be working with the talented, up and coming photographer, Jeff, and could not be more excited! {Please, take a minute and browse his website- those images are incredible.}

The forecast says it's supposed to be 53 degrees, partly cloudy and windy. Seems like everything is all set to be a perfect day (except for the windy part).

Let's talk about the wardrobe selection:
I'm planning on wearing my favorite jeans in the entire world-

*my silvers.

*I think I'll also wear the favorite long-sleeved tee from the gap {I have one in almost every color}.

*The headband I purchased a while ago from allorahandmade {I finally have the perfect opportunity to debut it}.

*If it does get too chilly, luckily I'll have my peacoat. I think it'll be a better idea then my white (now dirty white) puffy jacket.

I can't wait to share some of the pictures with all of you!

Sidenote: Check out these engagement sessions! here and here.


Laura said...

Found a couple more wedding-type blogs I thought you might like:


Love you!

Laura said...

So...how did it go?

Emily Ryan said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! I'm sure they will be adorable!!


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