Simple Weekend: Fairs and Food

My weekend was wonderful. It went a little something like this:

Worked until 3.
Worked out with Chad.
Went to Hannah's Science Fair. That is not a bad way to spend a Friday night, especially since two of the projects featured illegal items (Roman candles and counterfeit money.) Oh, and there was also a tarantula that was two feet away from me. Wonderful. The whole fair kept me giggling.
Said Bye to M&D who left for Milwaukee.
Went back to Chad's and watched Heroes on Netflix. (We think it's so cool that we can watch one of our catch-up TV shows online...with no commercials).

Worked...ugh, today was exhausting.
Chad called me at work and wanted to know if I was interested in going snowboarding. I was kinda on the fence since I had never gone before. I could tell how excited he was about it, so I thought I'd give it a try (This is a whole other post, though, including pictures).
Worked on an essay while Chad made a meal of cheesy broccoli, roasted potatoes, and fried catfish. I love my boyfriend. He doesn't mind cooking and he doesn't give me a guilt trip when I have to do homework and I can't give him my attention.
Watched another Heroes. We just started season 2 and I was pleasantly surprised to see David Anders.

(Sigh...remember Julian Sark, Alias lovers?)

Went to church.
Had to figure out what to make for lunch since M&D were still gone. Decided to make pancakes since I don't really cook.
Worked out (I felt unbeatable because I accomplished a personal goal of running a mile without stopping! Never been done by A.Hulke)
Worked out some details on a special secret project (you will be filled in later.)
Went to Chad's parents house for some family time and food. It's Chad's mom's birthday soon and his dad wants to make a banner for the party he's throwing. He wanted us to find some pictures so I got to look at all sorts of childhood pictures of Chad and his sister Sara. It was so fun. I really want to take all the pictures and make a scrapbook chronicling his life. I got the idea from Jess who's working on the same kind of project for her husband, Jeff.
We then went over to Brian (Chad's cousin)'s girlfriend, Kellie's new house. It was lovely to see them and chat with another couple.
Found out that little sis Hannah got FB. That was a shock since she said she never wanted to be involved in it:)

Overall weekend = a relaxing way to start the whirlwind week of school.

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brand.new.housewife said...

David Anders! I just saw him on "Lie to Me," too, but he was playing the bad guy. And not the sexy bad guy like Sark.


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