Makes Me Laugh Monday: Is that Shaun White?

Since Monday is pretty stressful and dreaded by all, I thought I'd put up some pictures from the Great Snowboarding Adventure.

These pictures are pretty spectacular:

Chad started the snowboarding day, very successfully...he made it down the hill every time.

My charming fella

I started out really well

and even made it halfway down the (extremely steep) hill

that's where the falls happened

and again

and one last time...pretty much sums up the whole outing for me

I don't know why I'm standing like this...those boots are at an angle, so you have to bend your knees so that it doesn't dig into your calves.

Chad and I had a lot of laughs doing this adventure. Hopefully next time I'll actually make it down the whole hill.


rinse repeat said...

Aw...good for you for being adventurous! This looks like a hoot!

Anonymous said...

You are way more adventurous then me! I am too scared to even try snowboarding...I'm afraid I'll break something!!!!

Chad said...

You did good for your first time snowboarding. It was a lot of fun.

Hey, Amanda, tell me how the snow taste. :0)


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