Simple Weekend: Parties and Squires (Part 2)

The last weekend was almost a week ago, but forgive me I was waiting for some pictures from Sara. On Saturday we celebrated Jane's not-so-surprise party. Steve tried so hard to keep the secret, but Jane is one of those ladies who figure everything out. We all had such a good time talking and spending time with family. Chad's dad's side of the family doesn't get together too often so it was so nice to catch up with some of his cousins.
Here are some pictures of our evening:

The sign that Sara put together.

Chad and I waiting for the birthday lady to arrive.

Chad, Jane, and Sara-they are so swell.

Steve, Jane, Sara, and Pat. Don't you just love Jane's goofy hat?!

Then on Sunday, we worked out and had Hannah's birthday celebration without her. Just some misunderstanding regarding when we were having her birthday dinner:). Since it was so nice we decided to go outside and play catch in front of the house. It was lovely to hear the water from the melted snow rushing down the gutter. I loved that sound! After that we went to Hannah's last game as a Squire. They lost, but definitely made the game exciting-as exciting as a grade school basketball game can be. We then drove over to Chad's parents' house to celebrate even more birthday.

It was a weekend very full of birthdays and parties and basketball games. Most importantly, it was a weekend where I was surrounded by my lovely family...

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