Jumbled thoughts

I can't write a new post every time a thought pops into my head. This is just some things that have been going on.
Disclaimer: This post is unorganized and has no concise order...enjoy!

*My longtime girlfriend, Jenny, got engaged on St. Patrick's Day to her boyfriend, Luke. She is so lovely and I am overjoyed that she is so happy. She came to visit not too long ago and we got to talk about boys and weddings. She told me and Danielle all about her plans. Can't wait to see Jenny soon and talk more!

*That got me thinking about how many people in my class have gotten engaged or married in the past couple years. I'm not just talking about ILC people, I'm talking about college too. I think in my program there are 11 girls engaged. That's out of a possible 50 give or take a couple. On top of that, I know 7 (or so) girls from high school that recently got engaged. This is just a matter of fact statistic, I don't want you to think that I'm whining about how it hasn't happened to me yet. I know that for me it will be sooner then I think and I'll be more elated then I am already. I'm just saying, there's an engaged couple born every week around here.

*On Thursday, I was pleasantly caught off guard at my center when my cooperating teacher told me that she was taking the day to do planning and that I'd be in charge along with an older student teacher. This might sound like not the biggest deal but it was so wonderful because I got a glimpse of what I'll be doing every day in about three years. The added bonus was that the other student teacher didn't really know our schedule or routine so I took over that part. It really reassured me that a) they trust me enough to handle a group of 10 preschoolers basically all by myself and b) that this is the field that God desires for me.

*Chad (and I) love making food. He's so much better at it than I am, and got so excited when it was nice earlier this week and he realized that it was grill season. He loves grilling. Like it's a deep part of his soul. We made burgers topped with avocado, Swiss cheese, and tomato. So yummy! Now, we have to find a way to eat half an avocado-any ideas?

*I just read this article. Seriously. This is actually news.

See. I told you this would be a mess.

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