Makes Me Laugh Monday: Shamwow

Chad introduced me to this great infomercial a couple months ago and it is fabulous. Check it out below {courtesy of YouTube}:

And, as a bonus, I'm throwing in the Slap-Chop:


rinse repeat said...

AH! Gabe and I just about lose it every time the Shamwow commercial comes on! AH!

And I quote...

"You're gonna spend $20 every month on paper towels anyway. You're throwing your money away."

I quote this every time Gabe or I buy paper towels (which is like...$5 once every two months). Who spends $20 a month on paper towels?!?!!?

Chad said...

Vince is such a wordsmith.

You following me camera guy??

Don't have a boring tuna.

linguini, martini, bikini..


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