Dear Nephew: Music for you

Hi little guy,

Wednesday was an exciting day for us, your momma came to our house for Grandpa Hulke's birthday! It's probably the last time we'll see your mom before you get here. Your arrival date is fast approaching, honey. Laura was telling all of us how she and dad are preparing for you. They got a crib and all kinds of other furniture the other weekend. Your momma is being very patient waiting for you. It is sad that I don't get to see her for four or so weeks, but the good thing is hopefully you'll be here by then!

I was browsing the Internet the other day and saw this good gift idea for you. Your momma mentioned something like this when she was opening her gifts at the shower. I thought it was such a good idea, and I know that your 'Uncle' Chad would probably buy you this:

I can just imagine when you are trying to fall asleep and you are fussy, your mom will put these albums in and they'll be so soothing to you, you'll fall fast asleep. Doesn't that sound lovely, babe? Maybe your mom will play some music for you even before you get here!

Well, little guy, I will probably only write you a few more letters not using your given name:)
I can't wait to see you, love...

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brand.new.housewife said...

Sooooo many good albums on that site. We were told about it by a couple in our birth class who knew Eli liked Nirvana.


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