33 Days, 22 hours

Until Brewers opening day.

If you knew me 2+ years ago, you'd know that I wasn't the biggest baseball fan...at all. Now, I can't get enough.

I can't wait for:

Ryan Braun.
Listening to Bob Uecker. And his jokes.
Discussing the game with Chad.
Watching Prince Fielder hit home-runs.
Reading the Brewer's blog on jsonline.
Wearing my Brewers shirts next to my guy with his Brewers shirt.
Going to games, hopefully in Miller Park.
Craig Counsell's batting stance.
Hot Dogs. and beer (at the August 5th games on).
Yovani Gallardo being amazing.

And so much more.

{Miller Park Bliss two years ago.}


Chad said...

Oh yeah! I'm pumped.


Pastor GOO said...

I don't know much about Chad, but if he's a Brewers fan, that's a good indication of his faithfulness. I'm enjoying the spring training games down here in Phoenix!

Chad said...

Miller Park... see you soon... June 27th!cc


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