Wisdom in my life

Have you ever had one of those days where you think "Wow, this is all going to work, isn't it?" Today was one of those days for me. Here's what happened:

Sometimes (semi-rarely) I doubt my choice to become a kindergarten teacher.
I doubt if I can be patient and kind to them everyday.
I doubt if I know what's best for them and their little minds.
I doubt if I can come up with activities that are going to be fun for them.
I doubt if I can handle the parents and how we won't agree on everything.
I doubt if I make sure they listen to me and respect me.
I doubt if I can provide the best environment for them.

Then today happens. I did three lesson plans at the center I am in and they all went over so well. The children loved the activities I had planned. The two teachers who are in the classroom thought I did a wonderful job and my teacher came and loved everything I did. One of the teachers pulled me aside after and told me that the director was watching and she wanted to offer me a summer part-time teaching position.

I drove home overwhelmed. I just felt so pleased that they all had such wonderful things to say. It showed me that God was directing my life. With all those nice comments and thoughtful words, He was assuring me that I've made the right decision. He knows that sometimes I doubt my choices, but then He gives me guidance.

It's like He is saying "Amanda, trust Me. I know you have the ability to guide My children. I've sent people to train you and to show you how to teach children. See what a good job you're doing? I love you and am so proud of you".

This is not a post that honors me at all. It's a post that honors God and His wisdom in ever aspect of my life.

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