Dear Nephew-Eager to see you

Do you know how lucky you are? Your mommy and daddy are so in love with you already. I'm going to throw you and mama a party in less than a month. I'm so excited (and also a little bit behind). I am so bummed that your parents live two hours away from us. I talked to my love yesterday and told him that this summer we should drive to your house and see you every weekend that I'm not working. Your dad and "uncle" Chad can go fishing, and your mommy and I can sit and stare at you all day and talk about how much we love you.

So many people are planning on coming to your party, nephew. Your parents are going to get a lot of gifts for you and things they can put in your bedroom. You are supposed to be in our world at the end of April. Can you believe it? You are almost here! Just a warning, your aunt Amanda will probably cry when she sees you. It's not going to be because she thinks you're ugly (you won't be; have you seen your parents?). It's going to be because she can't believe you are really in front of her! Your family already loves you bunches, sweet nephew.

I can't wait to take a bunch of pictures of you, little one. I really want to take pictures like these:

Anyway, I just wanted to write you a little note reminding you how much I love you and how excited I am for April to arrive!

{first two via here}
{third via here}

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brand.new.housewife said...

Two things: Yes, please come over during the summer so we can coo over him all day. And also, take as many pictures as you want...I have a feeling I'll be so overwhelmed with taking care of him that I'll forget! Love you!


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