Resolutions and More

I know that the New Year is 12 days old, but this whole blog is new to me, so I'm playing a little catch-up. I do hope that I can accopmplish all these goals by the end of 2009:

*Create a blog. (Mission Accomplished)

*Use 100 stamps. This is kinda going to be easy since I have to send out invitations for Laura's baby shower, but after I send those, I'll have to find new things to send.

*Learn how to knit. I think both my grandmothers know how to knit, and I'm surprised that I've never asked them to show me. My friend Dani, also made me a beautiful scarf in high school and I want to make something like that. This is definitely one I hope to try.

*Have more of a social life. Usually on the weekend I'm too burned out from school and work that I'm perfectly content snuggling with Chad and watching a movie. There is nothing better than that, but I do wish to go out more and live my 20-year-old life. I want to do more things around Eau Claire and I think I can find fun things to do if I just read my Volume One Magazine.

*Cut down on all the TV shows I watch. I can't say too much because I have the TV on right now, but I think that how much I watch is ridiculous. On Monday alone, I think I have five shows that I watch regularly. Part of that is because Fox decided to schedule House on Mondays. I'm not saying that I will remove it from my life forever, but I do think that it's time to stop watching repeats and some reality shows just to have something to watch.

*Be more involved in my church and in the spiritual part of my life. I wish that I didn't have to make this part of my 2009 goals, but I am sinful and I don't follow and center my life around God as much as I should. Hopefully I will be able to sing in my church's choir this semester and also attend this.

I do hope that I can try to keep all my resolutions. If I ever think of any other ones, I'll make sure to tell you about them.


Laura said...

Look at you, little miss blogger! I'm thinking of starting a blog, too, now that I've quit Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Lol...you aren't out of the loop...Jeff just got a job and we are gonna be moving to the other side of the cities, that's all...

oh and crocheting is way easier then knitting if you're just learning =)


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