Local Music Scene~the Daredevil Christopher Wright

Chad and I went to the Underground at Stout on Thursday night to hear The Daredevil Christopher Wright. I have know about these fabulous guys ever since my sister Laura became friends with them. At the show, they said that they have their first full-length album, In Deference To A Broken Back coming out sometime in the spring. Here are some pictures that I took of the show:

{Jesse-drums and vocals, Jason-keyboard, guitar and vocals, Jon-vocals, guitar}


{Jesse and Jason}

{All the boys}

{All done}

{The album cover}

If you are ever in the Eau Claire area, please pick up a Volume One and check them out (and also other local bands) to see when they play.

Here are some other articles and websites featuring the band:
Leader Telegram

Volume One

Ambledown Management

Daytrotter article and some songs {A Conversation About Cancer} {The East Coast} {How to Get My Head Back on My Shoulders} {My Attempts to Grow a Beard}


Chad said...

awesome blog!

Loved the show!!!!!

brand.new.housewife said...

oh, I miss these boys!


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