when I was a girl.

When I think of my childhood, I think of summer. Particularly, the summer of years 8/9/10. I think that those summers melted into one long, childhood summer full of riding my hand-me-down black bike with red tires that used to be my big brother's and sticky hands from not eating my freezee quickly enough. God made summers long, bright, and carefree. 

Summer was when I got to explore. To be. To not worry about time and when I crawled through the long green, fresh smelling grass with my dad's magnifying glass searching for ladybugs.
Summer started with sweet purple and white lilacs on the side yard and ended with long shadows that we cast on the grass while we were climbing all over our blue metal swing set.
Summer was the smell of calamine lotion on my mosquito bites.
Summer was finishing the dishes quickly so that we could watch reruns of the Monkees before going outside and perfecting our gymnastics routine.
Summer was flying on my bicycle down the hill on my way to Tourtellotte pool with my towel slung over my shoulders.
Summer was walking to school with my dad, reading magazines in his chemistry lab while we gave mom some alone time.
Summer was long car rides and falling asleep in the backseat with my lumpy pillow propped in the seat belt.
Summer was sprinklers and freezing cold, straight-from-the-hose kiddie pool water that we'd have to wait an hour to warm up so we could go in.
Summer was infrequent showers and frequent wearings of the same outfit.
Summer was ice cream sandwiches and biking around the block.
Summer was Barbie towns in my sister's bedroom since that was where the air conditioner was.
Summer was skinned knees and popcorn with melted butter on Saturday nights.
Summer was sitting curbside at Lancer parades. And a full plastic bag of candy.
Summer was learning to "march" like a Lancer from my pre-drum major sister.
Summer was sleeping in our tent in the backyard...once. with extension cords and a lamp and radio.
Summer was marathon viewings of Beauty and the Beast.
Summer was tanned skin and blonde hair.
Summer was sidewalk chalk on the driveway.
Summer was soft sand under my toes while swimming in the lake.
Summer was my birthday cake and special dinner.
Summer was VBS crafts and cookies and juice.

Summer was good.

Summer is good.

*The idea of this post originated at orangepoppy by Rebekah. This is my version. View her's: here.


Sandy said...

Those were the days!

Hannah said...

We were so cute!


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