someone's sleepy.

It happens every time that we come back from "Grandma and Grandpa" Hestekin's house. While there, Leo gets to run at full speed around their backyard, chase squirrels up their giant tree on the side yard by the bird feeders, and chase everything that moves. Not to mention, he gets to play with their dog Braunie until they are both wiped.

When we come home, we get the most exhausted dog on the planet. We can say his normal trigger phrases like "who's here?" "where's Karma?" or "wanna go outside?" and we get....nothin' outta him.  His eyelids struggle to stay open when we call his name and he lays completely motionless (except for the light wagging of his tail).

But it's true of humans too, that when we come home from a long weekend, we don't want to really do anything. Leo just doesn't get anything out of a beer and season one of Breaking Bad like we do.

There are many parts of pet owning that I like (and many others that I don't like), but watching Leo sleep is one of my favorites. We love our sleepy boy.

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Hannah said...

I love the remodel Amanda!


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