here's to the weekend!

Chad + I are going "up north" for an adult Christian retreat! (sidenote: when I was teaching preschool last year, we played a game where we were 'flying like butterflies' and could pick anywhere we wanted to go. One of my boys picked "up north"! very enthusiastically. Apparently, "up north" is just something that every Minnesotan knows. Even ones that are four.) We plan on fishing, praying together, meet up with friends, listening and note-taking during amazing presentations.

I hope to reflect on our weekend next week, but for now I want to leave you with some links for the weekend:

* Moriah wrote about how some evangelism is done by being a quiet influence instead of speaking.

* This summer, we're planning on having some house guests. Mandy jotted down some ideas like setting out a tray of essentials and remembering to stock the fridge with goodies.

* I think one of the important lessons I'm learning is how to apply makeup correctly. Jo-Lynne wrote about makeup mistakes and I know I'm making 6/8 of them.

*I can't wait to try some of these healthy summer recipes! Some of them are clean - eating approved and perfect for my grillin' hubbie to make.

*The Goldfinch has been on my to-read list for a while. Looks like I'll have to add some of these book recommendations too.

(Photo taken on our family trip to Lake Tahoe in August 2009.) 

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Meghan said...

What a gorgeous photo! I hope you enjoyed the retreat - I'd love to hear more!


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