he + she // twenty facts about us.

He is currently reading Gone Girl.
She is currently reading Brooklyn.

He records Bar Rescue, Moonshiners, and Drinking Made Easy.
She records old episodes of Sex and the City.

He listens to Jay Mohr Sports.
She listens to Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 on the radio because she forgets to charge her iPod.

He knows all the starting pitchers for the Brewers.
She knows all the Real Housewives...from every city.

He grills the meat for the house.
She makes the sides. (and has never started the grill)

He puts hot sauce on his tacos and red pepper flakes on his pizza.
She appreciates that he doesn't make the chili spicy, otherwise he'd laugh at her over-the-top reaction.

He can drive a motorcycle.
She is content with being the passenger.

He starts the prayers at night.
She follows along.

He loves dark beer.
She does too, as long as he tastes it first and deems it acceptable.

He grew up with dogs and cats and gerbils and birds.
She had a fish. in eighth grade.

He wears t-shirts and jeans.
She does too, when she's not trying to pass exercise clothes as real outfits.

He was raised in Wisconsin.
She was raised in Minnesota.

He follows sports bigshots on twitter.
She follows bloggers on instagram.

He played soccer and trumpet in high school.
She played volleyball and clarinet.

He has the Tim Allen sound as his text alert.
She has the song from Amelie as her ringtone.

He once caught a 30" walleye.
She has caught 2 fish in her entire life.

He hates folding laundry. especially the socks.
She hates washing and drying the dishes. (he doesn't really like it that much either.)

He likes playing basketball and tennis.
She likes working out on a treadmill or stairmaster or elliptical.

He makes jokes all the time.
She laughs all the time.

He willingly listens to baby name suggestions for our futures.
She has had a list going since high school.

Special thanks for Kelly for inspiring me to do a fact list after reading the one she made about her + Dustin: here.


Erin {pughs' news} said...

I love this list, Amanda. What a fun idea. It tells a lot about your relationship with your husband. Sounds like a fantastic one.

Vanessa said...

Ooooh this is a fun idea! it's awesome to show how different you guys can be but still fit together perfectly!

Erika @ rouge + whimsy said...

i love that you did this he//she post! I think I'll do a link-up sometime in the future because so many people have done it!


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