my legs are jelly.

Yesterday...I found my personal hell.

Spinning class. 

Chad and I go into the gym, not realizing that Zumba is at 6:30 instead of 5:30 (which is when we got there). We check in at the desk and the employee says "So what are you guys doing tonight?" "Oh probably just gonna do some cardio" we replied. "You guys should go to spinning -- it starts in fifteen minutes!" she says eagerly. And then this cute little blond energetic woman bounces up to the  desk "Yeah! Do it!" Little did we know that woman named Brittany would be kicking our butts for 45 minutes.

Now, I am not a very athletic woman. Yes, I do my walking and my elliptical machine, but spinning class? Never thought I would do that. This was my very first time spinning, and I just wanted to remember the thoughts that I had tonight:

Minute 2: Well this isn't so bad...

Minute 5: I hate Ke$ha. Why is she singing so loud?

Minute 7: I'm going to barf. 

Minute 8: I can't believe we have only been doing this for eight minutes. 

Minute 11: I hate looking at myself in the mirror while I'm doing this. 

Minute 17: Am I the slowest one? I feel like everyone else is doing so much better than me. 

Minute 26: I want to sit down. 

Minute 30: I HATE position two.

Minute 33: I want my mommy. 

Minute 38: Why was Chad excited to do this? 

Minute 40: I don't want to run up a steep hill anymore. Please let me sit down.

Minute 41: I. am. going. to. barf. and. kill. someone.

Minute 42: Why didn't we go to Zumba?

Minute 44: Yay! We're sitting down. And going slow.

Minute 45: Done! Let's never do this again!

And strangely enough, Chad and I walked out of there and he said to me "We should do that again. Even though our legs feel like jelly, we should do that again. We should go several times a week."

And...I agreed with him. Call me psychotic, but we are going again, no matter how much it intimidates me. I am going to endure position 2 -- if it kills me.


Erin {pughs' news} said...

It sounds hellish!

I'm actually on my way to the gym right now. To do the elliptical. And maybe some weights. But NO WAY am I doing spin!

Meghan said...

It is definitely a tough workout but SO worth it! You are a trooper! I often have the same thoughts:)

LizzieBeth said...

go on girl. You have more will power then I. A friend tricked me into a spin class a couple years ago, and I still haven't forgave her ;)


Jordie said...

It sucks when you're exercising and there is a clock in the room.. time goes so much slower haha good on you for not giving up though! :)

Christen said...

OOooh, I hear ya! Good for you for wanting to try it again!

Jamie said...

Remind me NEVER to try spinning.

A Lost Feather said...

haha hilarious.. spinning is so hard!! i definitely had very similar thoughts when I first started. it really does get easier though and eventually i even looked forward to going! it's a really, really great workout. that said, i haven't been to a spinning class in.. a year maybe? i don't belong to a gym anymore, so i just hit the pavement which in my opinion is the most miserable workout. i hate running :)

Faiza said...

lol! i had a very similar inner dialogue and couldn't wait to go back either! i think it is because i knew how much of a wrkout i had had.

ummm...did you notice you were sore in a strange place this morning? no one ever tells you about that!

happy spinning!


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