labor day, i loved you.

i loved that I have no idea why you exist.
i loved that you make my first week of school a four day week instead of a five.
i loved that I didn't have to work  + that you gave the daycare an extra "stay-at-home" day.
i loved that you made it possible for me to spend the whole day with my family at the park.

Yep, labor day. i loved you.


Nicole said...

Looks like so much fun. Family makes any day great. Unfortunately it rained most of the day here, so we didn't go to any picnics. But nonetheless, it was a day well spent relaxing!


Hannah said...

Oh my babycakes, Zara! You should take a photo session of her, I think you'd be great in capturing her pretty eyes.

And what is going on in the last pictures? Ha.

Laura said...

Uriah looks so old! Where did my baby go?!


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