post-vacation jumble.

I honestly have no idea where to start. How does one bounce back into the daily grind and the 9-545 schedule after a trip like the one I had? So many people have asked us "What was your favorite part?" or "What did you like the best?" and I really don't know how to answer that. How can I make the answer simple enough so that it doesn't have traces of "haha, we went on a trip and you didn't"?

Because to us, we are still in post-vacation fog. It took us four complete days to recover from jet-lag, and blog/mail back-up. We are finally feeling like we have a handle on our daily life -- instead of having sensory overload like we did when we darted in and out of museums every day.

We still have the topic of recaping to discuss. So many family + friends (and you!) have been asking about the trip and the pictures. 1029 pictures doesn't seem like it would be that fun to rifle through, photoshop, and do a write-up of each picture. I don't think I have the energy to clock in all those man hours. But I do want to show you all. I want to go through all the pictures and tell you about the amazing experience that we had.

I just don't know how to go about it. How would you recap a trip? Tons of pictures + posts or edit it down? What do you want to see?

Later this week come back for a very London giveaway...


kimbirdy said...

oh yes, the post vacation load can be overwhelming. i usually take it one section of the trip at a time. like one of my posts was on phuket, one on bangkok, etc. it just makes it easier for you to wrap your head around it. also, i usually just send my blog links to family/friends so they can see my photos when they have time, or you could throw a post-vacation party where you do a slideshow and eat foods from the regions where you traveled.

Michelle said...

Just got back from our holidays two days ago and started to go through my gazillion photos. At least I am not the only snap happy person out there. Look forward to seeing what you got up to.


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