canon 2.0 pictures (part two)

Part two shows that we pretty much didn't do much of anything two weekends ago. (We did go to a childhood friend's wedding but didn't want to take baby Rebel out of the house so early on).

Breakfast smoothie (strawberry + mango to be exact).
Samantha Brown's Passport to Europe. Bonus Points to whoever can figure out what country she is in.
Saying good-bye to my dear friend of four years. We've been everywhere together, but now she'll sit on a shelf. (Sad how much that last sentence reminds me of Toy Story 2 + 3 somehow).
Sleepy girl.
Snapping a quick self-portrait on our way to church.
My favorite view of Chad via the passenger seat.
Stoic Karma hanging out with me on Sunday night.

//On a sidenote, I miss you ladies (and the few fellas). It's not that I am apologizing for my absence from here because I am not. Teaching preschool and falling in love with this job is more fulfilling than blogging could ever be. It's in the real world -- where I truly am. With that being said, I feel like you are all girlfriends that I know are busy and I see once in a while, but I want to text you so that we can meet up for a coffee date. soon dears.


melanie said...

so happy i found your blog. love it!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

looks like ms. brown is in england... n'est pas? :)


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