for the moms.

I'm not part of the mom's club yet. I don't take my kids to school, read them stories, answer all their questions, teach them about Jesus, and love them to bits, so I get to enjoy this mother's day as a kid. And reflect on why moms are so worthy of having a day devoted to them.

I do have some pretty great examples of moms in my life: grandmothers, aunts, cousins, friends, sister, mother-in-law, and my own mother. I have seen all these women raise their children and as I get older and closer to becoming a mother myself, I am in so much awe of them. For instance, it's one thing growing up with an older sister and play with her, cook with her, teach Sunday School with her and watch her love for children. But watching my own sister become a mother to two children and watch her love for UJ and Zara beam out of her is something truly perfect. It's watching that bond between her and her children that makes my heart happy.

The same goes for my own mother. Our relationship now is more than curfews, chores, and watching TV together--it's deeper. As a daughter, I am able to appreciate her as a person and as a friend. Yes, I still do call her about why my bread doesn't look right and what cocoa powder is, but I am starting to talk to her more about things I talk about with my other girlfriends--relationships, marriage, religion, the future.

So happy mother's day, mom. my mom + my friend.


Sandy said...

Thanks, honey!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

aw. love that.

Laura said...

Very sweet, and a lovely reminder oh why I'm awake at 3:45 am with a babe that just won't sleep.


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