thrice quick notes...

photo credit: source (gotten from my pinterest.)

01. We are on a citrus kick at here at the Hestekins....and we wish we had more (am dreaming of the photo above).  Right now we grab clementines for breakfast-on-the-go and have oranges for supper. It's like vitamin C overload here. I have 10 oranges sitting in my fruit drawer and am dreaming up some recipe ideas (any suggestions?). 

02. Anyone else excited (I'm a little too excited) for NBC's Thursday night lineup? Can not wait to have Parks & Rec come back. Tonight, Chad and I have a date to eat black bean burgers + roasted broccoli and watch from start to finish.

03. Am loving my afternoons right now. It's going to be so short-lived since school starts again on Monday, but for the next three days I get to drink tea + read books with Karma by my side (after the dishes are done and the floors are swept of course) :). Oh, and I snack on a sweet treat of maple scones (made famous in our house thanks to Jessica!).

P.S. Has anyone else watched Conan lately? Am making an attempt to use the word thrice in my daily life now. :)


Shannon said...

Thrice! I used it the other day...does Conan use it? I was about to get really really jealous thinking that picture was yours, it's making me want some!

And dude, I didn't mean to, but I totally made plans for tonight...I'll be spending my weekend catching up on awesome thursday night tv!

Jamie said...

I've eaten clementines for breakfast every morning this week - yum!

I found a Martha Stewart recipe for clementines in cinnamon syrup this week, let me know if you want a copy.

Meri said...

Your fruits are so pretty! I love that picture :)
I've been watching conan a lot lately, it's nice to have him back!

Marisa Midori said...

I'm on a real citrus kick, too. I just bought 4 blood oranges, 4 tangelos, 2 grapefruits, and a pommelo today!


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