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I know I've already said this, but I love the blogging world during Christmas. I love getting a tour of all your houses decked out for the holidays. So, in true blogger form, I thought I would show you some of my Christmas details.

First Two:

01. This is how I decided to display my Christmas cards. I got the idea when I saw this wreath from Martha, but put my own little spin on it. It is just ribbon, two embroidery hoops that I already had, and some Japanese masking tape that I bought this year. Super easy.

02. When getting out the decorations this year, I completely forgot about this cute little snowman + snowlady that my great-aunt made for me and Chad as a wedding gift. Normally, I tend to stray away from the cutesy snowmen, but how can you resist these? Especially since they were handmade?! I will display them proudly.

Next Two:

01. Ornament display #1. With all my ornaments being transferred from my parents tree to our tree, that left our $5 Menards purchase from last year up for grabs. So I got out all the clear vases and some jars I had left over from the wedding and whipped up this little display. Lest you think that it was done as a homage to the Green Bay Packers, green & gold was all that we had left :). I think Chad was tempted to put his Aaron Rodgers jersey beneath this...

02. And finally, ornament display #2. I stole some ornaments off the tree (the back is completely bare) and created this display on top of my microwave. I used my cake stand that I made at Jessica's house and underneath is a snowman tray from my MIL.

Sidenote: Thank you all for the kind thoughts you sent my way as I was finishing the mother of all papers earlier this week. Am happy to report, I finished it late last night and no longer have to stare at EBSCOhost or all my highlighted notes. Now it's time for finals week. Nothing like 5 finals in two days to stress a girl out :)


Meri said...

I can go either way with the knit type decor also, but handmade helps. And those are ridiculously cute, I love them!

Emily Ryan said...

loving all the vibrant colors!! that way to display cards is so creative!! can't wait till I have my own house and I can utilize all these great ideas!!

Diana Mieczan said...

Really love the little snowman and all the amazing colours:)I love the idea of putting ornaments into jars:) Looks great! Happy Thursday, sweetie

Jamie said...

I love your ornament display!

LizzieBeth said...

I'm telling you, I just love Christmas balls displayed elsewhere. They can bring such fun pop of color.

Those snowmen? j'adore. too cute.


Meredith said...

isn't Martha so amazing? i am so loving all of her ideas this season AND the ways you're making them work in the real world. :)

milk tea + polkadots said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love how you displayed your extra ornaments. Pretty! Hehe...the back of your Xmas tree is bare. ;)


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