off on an adventure.

Originally, this was going to the title of a post sharing my weekend plans. I even had the above picture all picked out. And yes, there will be a post about my weekend on my out-of-town adventure coming up soon. But when I was thinking about the off on an adventure title, another idea starting to take form.

An idea all about this:

Stout. The beginning of my new adventure. On Friday, I had to go there for orientation, getting my books, finding my classrooms, etc. Alone. Without knowing anyone. It was unchartered territory for me. It still is unchartered territory for me since I haven't really started school yet, but at least now, I know where the library is. I got a tip on where to park without getting a parking ticket. I have a stack of books waiting to be opened, waiting for me to copy down important phrases.

I am the kind of person that doesn't handle the unknown very well. When I was driving to school I thought about all the things that could go wrong--not finding the orientation place, not being able to figure out where I need to go.

But then, I spent 3 hours there. I found the orientation meeting. I found the place to get my ID picture taken. I got my school books. I walked out of school at the end of the day feeling like I had accomplished something. And yes, I do still have a long way to go before I'm done there. But I feel like I'm ready for the beginning. So much is waiting for me at my new place. My place to learn and my place to find how to be the best teacher I can.  I am ready to learn.

Here I go...


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Love that first image... very cool!

LizzieBeth said...

How exciting! I wish I had the knowledge to know exactly what I wanted to do in life.. I envy those who do and go for it!

Best of luck to you in your new adventure-- you're gonna be great!



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