Above is a photo of Karma. Acting like a shrimp. I swear, this little one will be in the most odd positions all day. One minute she's sleeping soundly on the chair and the next she's got her feet above her head and she's biting her tail.

On the agenda...

I'm this close to finishing the Time Traveler's Wife. Up next is Water for Elephants per a recommendation from 3 of my co-workers.

I bought a little birthday present for myself on Saturday: these jeans. Say what you will about Lauren Conrad, but she knows how to make a great pair of jeans. They are perfect roll-up-into-capri jeans.

Check this out: our local celebrity, Justin Vernon is collaborating with Kanye West. We are ecstatic {and by we, I mean me and Chad...there was a discussion between us last night of the possibility of getting an autograph. In our dreams.}

P.S. The countdown has begun: Only 23 days until the start of big-girl-going-to-college. Yikes. :)


LizzieBeth said...

I love Lauren Conrad. I was never a huge fan of The Hills, but as far as style, that girl has my number.

I swear, half of her Kohl's collection is hanging in my closet.


Pang said...

Hehehe.. karma is adorable. I remember meeting her and she was just a tiny little thing.
You should ask Chad about the time he brought her to the bank if he hasn't told you that story yet.. it's really cute! :)

My kitties do the same thing... I swear Athena sun bathes every chance she gets :)

::Hannah:: said...

Heeeeeck yes!! Kanye and JV? No matter how much of a jerk Kanye West is, I still love him.

This is gonna be EPIC!!

{eleise} said...

OOO I'm reading The Time Traveler's Wife too! And yes, read Water for Elephants! =)

Meghan said...

I love me some LC, too! No worries!

And Karma. What a cute little ham!

Brittany said...

I love Lauren Conrad. Period. And please let me know how you like The Time Traveler's Wife! It's in my queue.

Thanks for your sweet comment!


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