Wedding Season: What to Give {Vol. 2}

{top-bottom, left-right}
1. Set of 4 Napkins in Aqua and Yellow: $42.00
2. Vintage Wooden Recipe Box: $21.75
3. Vintage Handled Picnic Basket: $38.00
4. Vintage Tilt Jar with Glass Lid: $17.95
5. Blue and Grey Gingham Tablecloth: $30.00
6. Juicy Lemon Drop Kitchen Towels: $17.50

This is what I love about etsy. Taking basic everyday kitchen items and making them unique. Everyone needs kitchen towels and recipe boxes, but with etsy you can had one-of-a-kind items. Yes, I know that Pyrex bowls and pans are a god-send {believe me} and no one could live without their coffemakers and blenders. But, besides all the necessary kitchen items, you are free to decorate your kitchen with whatever you'd like. If you like vintage Fiestaware plates, then go all out {I have yet to tell you of my Fiestaware obsession}. The new couple will be thankful for those items that they didn't think of when registering at Target, but they would be so glad that you decided to hunt around for a little something to make their new home feel special--and all theirs.

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