Show & Tell: my kind of cookbook

Before I bring you the next part of the epic wedding tale, I thought I'd show you my cookbook of choice: How to Boil Water. It has everything a young bride who is an inexperienced cook needs. I am such a bride. I actually looked up their helpful tip: "How to Hard Boil an Egg" today. I don't view this book as a cookbook...it's more of a how-to guide. It tells you the right way to stock a pantry, what to look for at the meat counter, how to properly cut an onion. Now don't get me wrong; I do love my Betty Crocker cookbook from my mother-in-law (I'm making the peanut butter cookies out of it tomorrow) and I am putting Ree's cookbook on my Christmas list, but this one is special. It's exactly what I need as a beginner: my kitchen bible.  Tell me, any cookbooks you love?

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grey_flannel said...

My favorite cook book is the one my mother started for me. In her handwritting, I have her recipes that I used to bake with her.
She started it and gave it to me a few years ago its a sprial bound book with a rooster on the cover (which is the decor my mom has in her kitchen). She left half the book for me to start my "own" family recipes :)


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