While driving home from work/school today, I was pleasantly surprised to hear this song come up on the cd player: Vivaldi's 'Spring'.

Have you ever had a song move you so much that you are a little sad when it ends? That's what happened to me today when I was listening to Spring. I wasn't going to dare and turn it off, so I let it go on until the last chord was played. It was just me, in the truck, sunglasses on, and smiling.

It was so powerful in that moment...the sun was shining, the wind was coming in through the window.  While it was going on, I was paying more attention to the detailed buds on the trees and the way the breeze sounded. Yes, I did also have a teacher moment that led me to write up a mental lesson plan involving the song + having my kids dance around with scarves.

It's truly a wondrous world we live in. Today, in that moment, I counted my blessings.

P.S. Here's another song that makes me feel good.

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Johanna said...

such a beautiful post. I love Vivaldi's the Four Seasons. My mom listen to it while she was pregnant with me!~
I guess that's why I've always loved it!


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