i'm living in a pink and orange world.

Wow. For the past couple months, my world has been covered in pink and orange. Everything I look for whether it be online or at the fabric store has been pink and orange. {It's a good thing that I like these colors, otherwise the whole wedding experience would be a drag...} 

A couple weeks ago I started getting flutters in my chest everytime I thought about the wedding day...those flutters have not gone away. It seems like every time I go into our church I'm thinking about the wedding. When I'm walking and going to a pew, I'm thinking about walking down the aisle to Chad while 'Sheep May Safely Graze' is playing in the background.

With 44 days until our wedding, things are coming up more and more quickly. Take next week's to-do's for instance: final pre-marriage meeting with our pastor, taste testing and deciding on a menu, ordering the alcohol for the reception, finishing shower thank-you notes, emailing our photographer, ordering our paper lanterns, and attending my bridal shower/bachelorette party. 

Quite the to-do list, but whenever I think about it, I am just always reminded of something Chad said: We don't have to get everything done at once...  Such wise words, Mr. H.


Meghan said...

I love pink and orange! Good luck with these last few days:) They are going to FLY BY!

Johanna said...

LOVE your colours!


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