5.15: can there really only be 30 days left?

That's it. There's only 30 days left in my Knot countdown. It's gotten to the point where I want the wedding to just be here. All the gifts I have for my bridesmaids--I want them to have. All the paper lanterns I have sitting in a box--I want them to be hung up. All the things still on the list--I want them checked off.

But, there are still bridal shower thank-yous to be written, fabric to be cut, jelly beans to be bought, programs to be made, schedules to be created, dress fittings to attend,...among other little tasks. 

Honestly, I would be ready to get married to Chad in two days if I had to. No, I wouldn't have my dress or his suit, no people but our families would be there, we'd be eating at my in-laws house....but I'd be okay with that.

Past brides, how did you get through these last 30 days with your sanity, patience, and focus?


...on the brink of something beautiful said...

thats so awesome!!! :) congrats.


{eleise} said...

lol...my last 30 days blow by...i was totally calm but then again, i was super duper organized so i didn't really have anything to panic about!

Pang said...

I was pretty organized myself. Like you, I couldn't wait for the day to get here. All I had to do was do the final fittings on my dress, double check all my vendors, double check to make sure I had everything pack since we were going to be going to Door County to get married, and got my marriage license. :)
I can't wait so see you both all dressed up pretty :)

Vanessa said...

I'm not a past bride but hang in there. Remember to breathe and enjoy everything! Woohooo for it being soooo close!

You Are My Fave said...

I definitely had my freak out moments. Enlist help and get sleep because you need it.


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