Good {spring} day to you all! 

It's a warm, warm 64 degrees here in Wisconsin and we couldn't be loving it more.  When we went to Florida in February, it was in the sixties there (meaning shorts and swimming suit weather to us) and now we get to have the same kind of treatment up here--complete with birds chirping their cheery tunes right outside my {open} window!

I know that Easter is t-minus 20 days and counting, but I've gotta start thinking about it {don't you just love this sweet angel's little hat?} Right after our St. Patrick's Day fun on Wednesday, we're moving in the bunnies and Easter eggs at my kindergarten classroom.  My head's been buzzing with all sorts of art projects + Easter-related activities that my kindergartners would enjoy doing.  I still have to make my Leprechaun shakes, but I've already started thinking about spring chickens and what to do on a rainy day.

I'm really feeling 2010 is flying by. Winter never stays around too long, and now we're already on Easter and April activities.

On a personal note:

*Welcome to my new readers! I've had so many subscribers in the last couple weeks and I truly appreciate that.  Who knew that you'd be interested in reading the musings of a soon-to-be wife, college graduate, student teacher?! I'm glad you'll all be reading especially in the next couple months.  It's an exciting time for me personally and blogging helps me document all these feelings and happenings in a way that I can look and read about this transitional period in my life.

*I'll be posting heavily within the week. It's Spring Break meaning after I sleep in past 7am,  I'll actually have time to share with you: my John Mayer concert experience, a few wedding reception ideas, a UJ-turning-1 gift ideas post, some Christmas presents that I gave {yeah, 3 mo. later}, my love affair with Fiestaware, what I want to wear on Easter Sunday, and a photo shoot of some wonderful, wonderful bridal shower gifts that I got on Saturday.

Off to go outside on this bright, sunshiney day!


Johanna said...

what an exciting new time in your life! I feel like I was you 4 years ago! Engaged, fresh out of teacher's college! I'm so excited for ya and am excited to come along for the ride! xox

Meghan said...

I totally understand your excitement for 60 degree weather - I am in Chicago and we're feeling the exact same way! Hope you enjoy your upcoming spring break!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love the hat. If I knew how to do anything crafty I would buy the pattern and make one for my soon to be daughter. Seriously adorable.

m.e (Cathie) said...

that pic is so very adorable Amanda!

Vanessa said...

Yay for spring weather!!

Anneliese said...

i'm so happy you came across my blog! it is exciting to know that perhaps someone besides a family member reads once in a while :)


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