Happy Valentine's Day weekend. How are you celebrating?

My valentine and I went out to dinner last night, which was a much needed break from the normal routine. I curled my hair and he supplied the bouquet of flowers (including gerbera daisies, which he knows I like since they are going to be our wedding flowers).

Here are some images that have been taking up space in my blog folder (under the love tab--is it weird that I have a love tab?)
Maybe it's just because I am in early childhood, but I think this one is cute. I also think that a blue line and green line of paint is cute, so maybe I shouldn't be trusted.
This quote is so true when thinking about love, not just romantic love, but the love that Christ shows us daily. He is the one that loves us passionately. He is the Prime Example of extraordinary love.

This one also mirrors my teacher profession. It's a new spin on the sweethearts that you get at the school's Valentine's party. At my school, we've upgraded to the sweet tarts version {no chalky, cheap candy for my kindergartners}.

This one is just funny. Chad and I think farts are hilarious...cute? Not so much.

This one makes me think about a couple weeks ago when we all went out to dinner for Chad's aunt's birthday and we were talking with his sister about when we all worked together. Somehow, we got on the subject of what would happen if I had never worked there. I simply said, "then we would find another way to meet." Through God's wisdom and knowledge He designed this man to be my husband and partner throughout the rest of my life. I am {blessed} to have been lead to you.


Johanna said...

awwww.....cute finds...especially the "i love your farts" card.
Happy heart day to you my friend! Glad that you and hubby to be had a lovely romantic date

Vanessa said...

Love that last one! So adorable!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love the farts card. I can honestly say that is something I will never say to my husband. haha


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