The picture above has nothing to do with the words above, but I saw it when checking my reader this morning and couldn't stop staring at it. 

After an hour and 40 minute delay in Milwaukee this is all the oomph I can muster today.

The trip was unbelievable and I'll share some of our favorite pictures next week. If you'd like to get a recap sooner, check out Chad's twitter feed where you can see all of the beach, the sun, the eating, and the city.  I've still got to edit and delete some pictures this weekend, but I'll share them soon.

Right now, I'm thanking God that He allowed me to have both my afternoon classes be canceled (unfortunately both teachers have illness) so that I can catch up on homework, papers, lesson plans, and getting back into the swing of life.

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Meghan said...

Oh my gosh, that dress is a story in itself. It's incredible!!!


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