When Chad worked for a bank a couple years ago, his lovely co-worker, Pang, gave him this recipe. A few weeks ago, we made it and are now eagerly awaiting summer when we can snack on this all the time. It's so tasty and easy to make. See directions below--it will not disappoint

Fiesta Bean Dip
{or Chad's Packers Dip--he's the one who wants to call it that}

1 can each:
* black beans
* red beans
* pinto beans
* black eye peas
* shoepeg corn

1/2 cup each:
* apple cider vinegar
* granulated sugar
* vegetable oil

yellow pepper
green pepper
red onion
jalapeno (optional)

Drain each can and put in large bowl. Rinse the beans with cold water until clean. Set aside.
{You are gonna need a large, large bowl. This makes a big batch of dip.}

In a small saucepan, combine vinegar, sugar, and oil on low heat until sugar is dissolved.

Dice peppers and onions and combine with beans.
Drizzle sugar mixture and stir.

{For best results, leave in refrigerator for several hours before eating. That will make it not so 'soupy' and will give the sugar mixture time to get soaked into the beans.}

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Chad said...

Try it.. You'll love it!


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