it's that time of year.

Only in a month like December, when winter hasn't drained us, are pictures of icebergs enjoyable to look at.
(Full credit goes to Rachel of Black*Eiffel who posted these this morning.)

Ah, December. Beautiful, beautiful December. The month where we focus our attention and mediate on the coming of Christ and are reminded again of God's love for all people.

The "busiest month of the year" has arrived.

The air is chilly, the weatherman predicts snow for us here in Wisconsin (according to his 7-day forecast), my mother dug out her cd player and now her legendary (in our family) Christmas music can be heard when walking through the hallway. My work created an account on Pandora, so now I can listen to Christmas music (only the top-quality songs, i.e, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald) as much as my heart desires. The packages are starting to arrive (I think they are going to be delievered once a day for a full week+...I am done with over half my Christmas shopping and I haven't even set a foot in the mall).

The calendar is filled up to the brim with events (we have something going on every weekend; ironically they are all brithday parties.), the end-of-the-semester assignments have been given and are piling up (literally-I have a stack of schoolwork right next to the mouse), and the excitement over here is in full swing. I've already printed off my December calendar from Marta and starred summer's 50 ideas to celebrate Christmas. Yes, I am ready.

Not only is the anticipation of Christmas making it a joyful time, but lately Chad and I have talked more and more about our life together/impending marriage. It is after all, only 5 and 1/2 months from no longer being in the future. It seems like that's all we talk about: our furniture, our purchases, our apartment, our wedding, our honeymoon, our first-year-being-married goals....our. I am so thankful that I have a finacee who assures me through his actions (known and unknown) that I will be taken care of and supported.

Here's to you and your month of Christmas cheer. Enjoy it. (After all, you only get one month to celebrate.)

P.S. Hey, smartie bloggers who have figured out how to change the font size to be smaller- how did you do that? Any help would be much appreciated!


fashion and style said...

the second photo remembering me of global warming.

happy December...

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

To change it "permanently" (as in, on every post), go into Layout from your dashboard, then the "Fonts and Colors" line.

Then scroll all the way down in the colors box on the left until you get to something about fonts. You should have a choice of different fonts and "smaller and larger." I assume you just click those.

To just change it on one post, edit the post, select text, and change font size in the options to the left of the icon you click to upload a picture.

Just let me know if that doesn't make sense. It should be simple assuming I explained how to find things well enough. :)


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