Christmas Finds: Volume V.

I didn't think I was going to do another one of these lists simply because the people that I featured in the past I was actually buying gifts for.
This year, Chad and I decided not to give gifts to each other. We are strapped for cash and want to save as much as possible for our wedding and starting out our life in May. We only got each other one gift: John Mayer concert tickets!
So, even though I'm not giving Chad gifts this year, I still thought it would be fun to feature some gifts that my love would think are funny {and would secretly love to have in his pad}.

Like I said before, Chad and I are saving as many pennies as possible since we are going to be newlyweds soon.  He has this plastic bag on top of his desk that holds all his spare change, but I think this piggy bank would be much more attractive.

My guy, bless his heart, is a farter {sorry honey, but you are}. He thinks they are hilarious...I can't even get an "excuse me" without him giggling. This guide to farts would be a funny gift for him.

He also thoroughly enjoys singing karaoke...Chad+Karaoke=very amusing. With this iKaraoke he doesn't even have to go to a bar-he's got it right in his pocket.
Now this is the gift for my guy: Beatles Rock Band. We were paging through Target's ad last Sunday and I asked him "What would you do if you got Beatles Rock Band this year?" His reply: "I would never leave the house." {Yeah, it's true.}

Another perfect game for my love: Clue-The Office Edition. Not only could I get him to play, I think I'd have my sister, Laura, coming around more often just so she could play.

Since my guy is kind of a gadget freak, he needs a way to protect that iPhone of his...and more iPhone apps to play with.

Oh, another thing of his ultimate wishlist? A Charles Woodson Jersey. {He loves the Packas...}

One another thing you have to know about Chad: he loves making silly voices. One of his main goals in life is to make people laugh {which he does about a bajillion times a day for me} and he can do that all by a simple switch of the voice. Just last night, while driving me home, he did his "Leave Britney Alone" impression {ask him to do it sometime}. This voice changer would be just the toy for him.

And finally, this is a good way to remember our trip to California this summer--a
poster of San Francisco.


Yelena R. said...

These are awesome! Especially the iKaraoke and the Office Clue!

You Are My Fave said...

My husband and I aren't doing gifts for each other this year but I must admit, it's hard to refrain. I want to go buy him man cardigans.

Hannah said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA The Office Clue version? Wait, give me a second...*hem, hem*

1. The Office
2. Clue

Honestly, you should've put this on your Laura list. :)

Laura said...

I agree with Hannah.

Although no one wants to play Clue with me anymore.


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