vow to write.


Recently, I've discovered something: if I don't write something down, I'll forget it.
This might be due to the information overload that I'm recieving from all areas in my life (homework, wedding ideas, work). So I'm vowing to write it down. Someone tells me a good way to have candles burn longer-I'm writing it down. Someone tells me a Christmas gift wish-I'm writing it down. I see a lesson done at the daycare center-I'm writing it down.

So, now what? I have a couple notebooks taking up space in my backpack but I don't have a consistent way of gathering all the notes and lists that I write down. I have one small notebook in my purse that I carry with me, but I have random lists and snippets of information on every page. There's just no flow of thought.

Any advice? Is this something common that other people suffering from information overload think? What way do you keep everything organized?

Do share if you'd like.

P.S. I've updated my blog a little bit. Instead of having all the blogs I read out on the main page, I've put them all under Simple Blogroll. I've added new blogs to read so check it out.
(Also, it's rare for me to post this much in one week, but Chad's at seminars all week so I have to find some way to pass the time!)

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Becca said...

I'm a list maker too. I keep a small moleskine notebook in my purse for all the random stuff. And I have a ton of journals. My main journal has categories that I find myself adding to often- like gift giving ideas for specific people, wish lists, quotes, ideas of things to make, places to go to, dreams, books to read. Sam has desperately tried for years to get me more organized with them, but I'm hopeless. I'm really visual so I also have a huge sheet of paper on my wall with my current ideas and stuff to do. This has been the biggest help because otherwise I write on the back of an envelope never to be seen again!


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