my words.

That note card should be filled with my most recent thoughts:

-I've been holed up in my room working on a science unit that was due today that went outstanding (more in a later post.)
-I've also been holed up in my room watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. (That darn show sucked me in again ever since I saw Owen.)
-I'm jealous that my m&d get to see baby UJ this weekend at my grandparents house.
-I want to start shopping for Christmas presents for my family.
-I'm nervous about the happenings going on this weekend (Friday the 13th and all.)
-The Real Housewives of Orange County are so funny...are you kidding me Lynne? You do not need a face lift.
-I have found my love again: the elliptical. This time we are going to stay together.
-My room is getting barer and barer (is that a word?) with my stuff starting to go into boxes waiting to go into Chad's house (in 6 mo. my house.)
-In six months from Sunday, I'll be a wife.

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Anonymous said...

OC comment-

Let us never have a tanning party...


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