5.15: my dress.

Since C reads my blog daily, I'm not going to show you the whole dress {even though it's fabulous!}, but I'll give you a little sneak peek of my dress:

It's white. It's satin. It's got a train.

Now all I have to think about is accessories:
Veil or no veil? I've always thought of wearing a headband, but when I tried on my dress again, the saleswoman put one on me and I thought it looked pretty good.
What necklace should I wear? Chad's mother has an old glass-cut necklace that belonged to his grandmother that I think would look beautiful.
What shoes should I wear? It's definitely going to be flats and hopefully I can find some dark pink ones!

I'll have to answer these questions when I try the dress on again over Thanksgiving break...

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Pang said...

For my wedding I never wanted to wear a veil. But.. the veil to me is what makes a bride. Without it I just felt like a pretty girl in a white dress. I only wore the veil for the ceremony and some pictures, but when we were at the reception, I wore a sparkly headband. :)
I didn't wear heels, I wore converse sneakers and so did Juan. :)


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