with love

These beauties were waiting for me as I got into C's car on Friday night. I love these 4 flowers-they are so simple and he didn't get this big, overdone arrangement. He knows that I want to walk down the aisle while holding orange and pink gerber daisies, so he went to the supermarket and handpicked 4 gorgeous flowers for me. We haven't had a lot of time to spend together ever since school and working at night started so he wanted to show me a little love.

{And as you can see, these beauties are now my banner!}


kt mac said...

aaaw what a keeper :)
so are these the flowers you have picked out?

Sounds like you and are are at such a similar time at the moment - busy studying, planning a wedding, trying to find time to just be together
and with cute sweet fiances to boot - yeah!

and I love the jar/vase!


Erin said...

Gerbera daisies are one of my very favourite flowers, too. So simple and colourful. They always make me smile...

And they will make a gorgeous wedding bouquet one day, too!

Elissa said...

What a sweet one you're with! Gerbera's will be a great wedding flower. Afterall, you can't really look at them and not smile.

Also, thanks for stopping by at my blog.


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