*thursday love* handbags

Remember when you were younger and you were in the Christmas program or when you got dressed up on Easter Sunday? You'd have on your itchy pastel colored dress and would carry around a purse that your mom let you take with only if you promised not to play with it during the sermon. All you'd have in it would be 3 ripped up tissues, a Lip-smacker (not me though, my mom didn't let me carry that around) and the bulletin folded up several times.

I've been infatuated with handbags ever since that first one.

I'm always on the hunt for a good handbag, whether it be at the mall or at a garage sale. I, unfortunately, am a snob when it comes to handbags. I have to be the one that picks them out. I'm way too particular when it comes to the amount of pockets, the length of the strap, how deep it is, etc, etc. (See, I told you I was a handbag snob.)

I can't help hunting for them whether it be in the store or online. Old Navy is the mecca of clothing for me, so I found their sister store, Piperlime, to have a lot of great eye candy.


What accessory has stolen your heart?


hannah said...

gorgeous! I LOVE that first one!

Kristin said...

That purple bag is yummy. Right now I'm jonesing for a Mulberry. Not gonna happen. Ah ha


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