a tale of two friends

Sit back and relax as I begin the tale of my adventures last Thursday night:

It all began when I caught a little bit of my sister's cold on Wednesday. I had been feeling ill the whole day and I called work and spoke to my manager who really preferred that I stayed home (which I definitely did not mind doing). I was all set to lay in bed, read the story of Ree and her Marlboro Man (if you haven't read it; I suggest you do. It's so heartfelt and will make you want to go find your fiancee and give him a kiss-or 12.) The phone rang and it was my sister Hannah at the volleyball game at her high school. I just assumed that she wanted to borrow a sweater or movie or something, but when I got to the phone she informed me that Dani was at the gym right then.

Dani, as I've mentioned before, is a new mama and a friend from high school and beyond that I hadn't seen in two years. She's someone that I always regretted not staying in contact with over the years and tried so hard to remain friends. Time and distance definitely didn't help our friendship, but on Thursday I was about to see if it changed us completely.

After I hang up the phone, it only took me about two minutes to brush my teeth and run out the door after yelling up to my mom that I was leaving. (She, obviously, didn't think this was wise, since I wasn't 100% well, but I think my exact words were "I don't care mom, I'm going to see Dani") The whole 25 seconds it takes to drive to the gym (I live about a mile away), I was shaky and I had that feeling. The tingly feeling you get when you're anticipating some major event or waiting to see someone. (I think I'll have the same type of feeling right before I walk down the aisle.) I get to the gym and see her right away and crawl over her in-laws just to sit next to my long-lost friend.

At the beginning it was weird-it wasn't us. It was like we had to force the relationship that had be so severely severed from the time not staying in contact. We talked like adults-about weather, and filler stuff like that. It hurt me that it wasn't the same. Yes, it was still us, but it was strained. I sent up a prayer begging God not to make me endure this horribly awkward conversation anymore. The conversation took a turn for the better though when we talked about one of our mutual friends-it was like no time had passed. I listened to her advice and the wise words she said. The night ended with her little one getting hungry and cranky in the incredibly warm gym and us going our separate ways promising to see each other on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday afternoon was simple joy. I drove over to her parents house (a route that I've traveled so many times I could do it with my eyes closed) and spent 4 bliss-filled hours with Dani, Zoey, and Dani's parents, siblings, and grandparents. This was what I wanted. Time to heal our strained relationship with no other people around except her cuddly baby and her family. We talked about all kinds of different things-husbands, weddings, God, congregations, babies, school-all while I was holding her dear baby Z curled up on my chest.

{little monkey Z}

{Dani with her baby Z and mama. Both photos taken by Dani's sister Jackie.}

The night ended with hugs and 'love you's. We promised ourselves and one another that we would never let this much time go without talking and catching up. I missed so much from those years apart, conversations that we never had. That much time apart will never happen again. I won't let it.

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