We had the honor of going to Jenny's wedding this past Saturday which I absolutely loved. It rained the whole day which made the outdoor reception hall a little wet, but that didn't dampen the spirits of the lovely couple. It's so nice to go to weddings when you are engaged because then you get so many neat idea (not like I wasn't doing that before getting engaged.) Here are some of my shots:

Jenny's colors were yellow, brown and red and the flower boxes held yellow as well as red flowers.

We all received these glass canning jars that served as both our drinking glasses and our favors. I will definitely be using the one that I got in my wedding.

Love and I. C-in 277 days, it'll be ours.

I loved the tent that they had the party in. Jenny really took the time to consider all the details in her wedding to Luke and it just felt so full of love. All the stresses of the wedding that she had been going through earlier didn't even matter on the big day. Jenny and Luke, I pray that you have a long and happy marriage reflecting Christ's love.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Weddings are so much fun!! :) I am glad you had a good time!


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