hey readers?

Chad and I have recently started on our wedding registry. It's kind of daunting work thinking about all the items you think you want for the rest of your life. I have never lived away from home before, and while Chad has for about 5 years, we still need certain things. Most of the area that we need the most help in is the kitchen. So I wanted to ask-

Past Brides:
Is there anything you didn't register for that you absolutely love now?
Did you do anything besides registering for gifts (especially at the mecca of all department stores, Target?
Do you have any other registry advice?

People who have ever used any item ever:
What item can you absolutely not live without?

You guys rock.


Laura said...

Hey sis -

I don't know what your second question means, but some kitchen essentials I've found are:

*a large skillet with substantial sides (not one of those wimpy frying pans)
*a wok (makes stir-fry soooooo easy)
*really good knives
*plenty of dish towels and rags
*plenty of silverware (you'd be amazed how quickly you go through spoons)

But Chad probably already has all of these things, right? Love you!

Andrea said...


If TJ and I could do one wedding thing over again, it would be the registry.

Overall, only register for things that you love. If people can't find something in their price range, or if there aren't a ton of items on the registry, you'll get gift cards and money. And you can never go wrong with that!


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