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This whole wedding planning (and basically "new life planning") has lead me to some wonderful conclusions about Chad and mine relationship. I will never have to worry about our future. We are such a perfect match when it comes to deciding things for our wedding and our future. We just are capable of talking things through and not hiding our true feelings about something. When Chad doesn't agree with something that I want to do for the wedding, he'll say it right away. He won't say "I guess that's okay honey", and then secretly hate what I've decided. It's so important for me not to take any of that for granted.
We have also really, truly thought about the new phase of our lives and what we want to see happen. We have been thinking about everything-our kitchen, when we want to buy a new TV, what bathroom towels we want, what we want to register for, when we want a pet, if we want to get new dishes (simple things like that). But we also have been discussing deeper issues-when to have kids, if we want to move out of Eau Claire, and other future plans that we'd like to see happen. We just agree on so much and I pray that God will always help me to remember that this is a gift that He's given me. It's something in our relationship that I know we'll hardly ever have to work on and I'm just so blessed that is the case. It's so important to me that Chad and I have found a way to communicate so easily and naturally about everything. I have a partner in my life that will be forever committed to me and it's something that I am just so grateful for.

She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.
{Proverbs 31:12}

C~I pray that I will.


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