so big

Laura called the house yesterday and said that UJ had his second doctor's appointment. They found out that he is in the 95 percentile of his age group and the doctor said that he was the same size as the average 4-month-old. That is one big guy. I figured that she needed a way to tell how fast he's growing so here are some growth charts that I think she might like-

1-2-3 Grow with me chart by inklore is good because if you ever decide to move you can take it with you. It's not so permanent as a chart on the wall.

This chart found at ohdeedoh is nice as well since it's got more of the chalkboard feel (which I like) and it can be easily fixed if there's ever a mistake made. You can also use it for more than one child.

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Dionne said...

Hehehehe, what a big little one, hahaha.


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