Dear July-

You have been around for 6 days and I haven't really told you how I feel about you.

are muggy and humid.
are when I will party on the fan deck for Sara's birthday.
are when I will work the entire weekend of Country Jam.
are when I'll want to move after the first shift of CJ since I hate having to deal with these people.
are the month before my birthday month.
are when my summer class is done.
are when I get to visit my dear friend Jenny with my other dearies Shannon and Danielle.
are when I nurse sunburns.
are when I drink iced tea and go fishing with Love.
are when my clothes can be on the clothesline pole for 5 minutes and they are completely dry.
are when I want to eat Freez.e.pops.
are when Chad and I grill meat about twice a week.
are wonderful even though you make me sweat.


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