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A couple weeks ago, Chad and I tried to make something we never have before:Sweet Potato Fries. (This isn't the recipe that we used, but it's pretty close.) We also found some dip to use in order to give the fries a little bit extra.

*Our recipe. (The first half is what we put on the actual fries before they baked and the second half is what we used to make the topping.)

*The fries look like that because we don't have access to a peeler so that was all done by hand, courtesy of me.

*Since it would not taste good to have ketchup on sweet potato fries, we used a mixture of mayo, crushed red pepper, cayenne, and lemon juice. We didn't follow any recipe as far as how much to put in, so if you decide to make this, just go by how it looks. Chad was in charge of making the topping and I know he would've used more cayenne, though I don't like it.

*With the fries, we made cod filets that we bought the day of. We used some fish fry to bread them and put them on the skillet until the breading was browned. Again, Chad made this part so I'm not sure how long he put them on for.

*The finished product consisted of the cod filet, sweet potato fries, topping, and a lemon for the fish. We both really enjoyed this meal and found that the topping also tastes good is used with the fish.

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Chad said...

Tasty meal, but a correction. It was catfish. :)


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