A few things are on my mind-

1. I have been at my job for a year. Yay! And nay, since I don't get to have vacation pay. My vacation pay is "Hey Amanda, you get a day off, even though you already had that day off."

2. Summer school starts on Monday. One step closer to graduating one out of the two schools.

3. Our vacation to California is a bit of a headache. We have a lot of choices as far as lodging and interest points are concerned and it's tough to narrow them down. And, I'm super excited that Eli, Laura, and Uriah will be coming with us!! They will make the vacation much more enjoyable since we'll be able to snuggle with four-month-old (by then) U. We're still looking for tips/advice for the best places to eat and visit so if you are in or have visited this area please give some tips:)

4. I had a perfect afternoon with Love. We laid on the hammock under the trees, in a blanket and read our Twilight books. Bliss...

5. I really have to do laundry.

6. I miss Dani and Rachel. Heart-breaking miss them. They have both been in the Midwest over the past few weeks and I didn't see either of them. I've been in a friend funk ever since I came home from Missouri.

7. I love watching Lee Pace (star of Pushing Daisies which I'm watching right now.) He's so swell.

8. I love Chad. Without question.

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bethany said...

Lee Pace is totally droolable. Also, Pushing Daisies is droolable. :)


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