Music Purchase: The Harzards of Love

Last night while driving me home, Chad asked, "Have you gotten the new Decemberists album?" I replied with a "No honey, thanks for reminding me." (You get the point.)
Chad is definitely my reminder to get albums from iTunes and for that I am grateful since I still probably wouldn't have gotten it.
Today I am at work and my copy of the Decemberists "The Hazards of Love" is whirling away in the small cd player next to me. I'm also on this website looking at every single lyric. They will be in Milwaukee at the end of May, but unfortunately, we will be gone. Hopefully, they will decide to add some dates to the tour so we can see them.

If you've never heard the Decemberists, I seriously suggest it. "The Crane Wife" is their most recent album (besides THOL) and it's also one of my favorites. It's definitely a different type of music than what's on the radio. Their current album "The Hazards of Love" is considered rock-opera and all the songs are meant to be listened to in one sitting.

Seriously. They are so cool.

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Chad said...

Great band, fantastic album. It's really a grower. Give them a chance people... it will change your life!


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